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When your company chooses HR Affiliates to provide recruiting services, our first and most important job is to understand the requirements of each position. We’ll work closely with your hiring manager to learn about your company’s culture, while seeking qualified applicants on job boards, social media, and through networking. As the resumes come in, we’ll review them, then conduct phone interviews to gauge the candidate’s interest and motivation. Once candidates are chosen for onsite interviews, we’ll handle the scheduling, even providing a behavioral/personality assessment if you like.

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Once the preferred candidate has been selected, we’ll make a contingent offer, work as liaison during negotiation, then create the formal offer letter. We can also help with onboarding, doing initial paperwork, and planning any required screenings.

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Providing training is one of our most requested services. The most popular topics include: manager/supervisor training, professional and leadership development, management coaching, workplace violence, discrimination/harassment, record keeping and documentation, and team building. If you can think of it, we can probably train you on it. 

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Once employees have been recruited, hired, and trained, we strive to keep them motivated. Methods are endless and vary from employee to employee. Regardless of the techniques used, we always start with a clearly defined company vision. Other proven ways to motivate include clear and frequent communication, incentive programs tied to company goals, establishing respect and building trust, coaching, team building, and developing employee engagement programs.

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We will establish a compensation strategy that’s in line with the goals, visions, and values of your company. An effective compensation program starts with detailed job descriptions. Once we review, revise, and implement detailed position descriptions, we are then in a position to provide assistance with other effective services. Some of these include consulting on design and implementation of a performance management process, reviewing and making recommendations on pay and pay grades and developing incentive programs tied to company goals.

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HR Affiliates can handle all aspects of your employee benefit program. To ensure programs fit within your budget, we will consult with you on the program’s initial design and at all times of renewal. Partnering with your broker and third-party administrators, we will oversee implementation and maintenance while ensuring compliance. We can even handle all your administration, including COBRA, FMLA and other similar leave. Additionally, we will reconcile monthly benefit invoices and provide basic reports. You can rest assured that we can do it all, giving you peace of mind and more time.

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Conflict Resolution

No one enjoys conflict. But we’re equipped to handle any situation, calmly and with respect. We’ll always be discreet and we’ll listen, while emphasizing the conflict’s impact on the employee and the entire team.

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We dislike the idea of termination as much as you do, but we’ll help put a plan in place for the inevitable. Before the situation reaches termination, we will have documented violations in writing, and given the employee the opportunity to improve. Once the decision is made to terminate, you will already have a good understanding of the law, so you can be brief, accurate and clear.

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