Background Screens

To ensure the quality of candidates, you need a comprehensive, reliable background screening tool. For this, HR Affiliates offers EZyCheck™, a customized tool that improves efficiency, tracking and turnaround time while maximizing profitability!

With EZyCheck™, a robust SQL-based system, you can order, retrieve and deliver employment screening reports electronically! Efficient, quick and confidential, EZyCheckTM results in better hiring decisions and maximizes productivity.

Automate your recruiting operation with EZyCheck™ and gain user-friendly access to tracking and storing of report data, management reports, express options, electronic delivery with 24-hour access, invoicing and more.

Common Searches include:

  • Social Security verification
  • County criminal screens
  • State criminal screens
  • Federal criminal screens
  • Civil searches
  • Prior employer verification
  • Education verification
  • Fraud and abuse registries
  • Sex offender registry
  • Motor vehicle reports