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How Outsourcing HR Can Help Your Business

Every successful business model holds one common goal – the bottom line. Whether your business can afford to undertake a long-term strategy or must operate under short term goals, profitability is a factor which can not be ignored. Therefore, when it comes to developing a Human Resource department, opinions can become sharply divided. On the …

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Pros and Cons to Payroll Systems

Payroll systems for the most part, are generally classified as being in-house or outsourced. Sometimes, very small employers generate payroll on a manual basis, but in this world of automation this can lead to errors in reporting and compliance. A good system will not only allow you to pay employees and file payroll taxes, but …

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Improve Profitability with HR Tools

The demand continues to maintain high profit margins at most businesses, and to increase production while ensuring the best customer service remains intact. There are many programs that have proven to greatly assist in achieving these goals and the overall performance of many businesses. It is advisable to have measures in place for any programs …

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How will the ACA affect Human Resources?

The passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is shaping up to be the most complex HR compliance challenge for employers in U.S. history. Many predicted the Supreme Court justices would strike down at least part, if not all the law as unconstitutional. However, that didn’t happen and caught many by surprise. …

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