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Taking stock of your performance review process – HR Affiliates Blog

Performance reviews are typically used by companies to evaluate employees and make decisions regarding compensation, training, career development, and promotions. Lately, however, the focus has shifted away from a trail of documentation and toward providing feedback and coaching to aid employees in their development. As always, an efficient HR team is critical to the success …

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How Professional Employer Organizations can help your business. Or not. – HR Affiliates Blog

The limited pros and myriad of cons of Professional Employer Organizations Professional employer organizations (PEOs) require a “joint-employment relationship” with their clients. Under this arrangement, the PEO hires the employees from their clients and leases them back to their original employer. This allows the PEO to “share and manage employee-related responsibilities and liabilities,” including outsourcing …

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How will the new mask recommendations impact your workplace? – HR Affiliates Blog

New Mask Recommendations and the Workplace The CDC is now recommending that everyone – including fully vaccinated individuals – wear masks in indoor public settings in all areas with substantial and high transmission of the COVID-19 virus and get tested following exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. New CDC Recommendations For Fully Vaccinated Individuals …

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