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Employee handbooks are a key component in maintaining a successful business. Without a compilation of procedures, policies, and workplace conditions, your company is at risk for breaking compliance laws and leaving employees in a grey area when it comes to legal issues that may arise. Your employee handbooks shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter guide, but rather something compelling that encapsulates your brand values. Save yourself time and outsource your employee handbooks to HR Affiliates to ensure your business needs are executed with the utmost attention to detail. You can trust us to make sure each employee has read, understood, and signed a legal document disclosing their acknowledgment of the handbook.

Establish Guidelines that Promote Team Productivity 

The bottom line is that employee handbooks prevent problems. With a well-written guide, employers set clear expectations of their team members. Beyond this, handbooks establish rapport — employees should know that any issues and concerns will be addressed. From defining attendance policies, to clearly conveying compensation and benefit plans, your employee handbook should cover all aspects of your business. 

One of the biggest advantages of a well-constructed employee handbook is that the onboarding process becomes simplified, as new employees know what to expect, their first day on the job. As a business owner, your focus should be on growing your business, and as that happens, an employee handbook covers your grounds. The reality is you cannot manage over 30 employees — this is where your employee handbook comes in to enforce expectations. An employee handbook truly is the glue to your company, so we’ve compiled a list that highlights the benefits of having one:   

  • Introduces employees to company culture and values
  • Promotes a healthy work environment 
  • Resolves issues before they arise
  • Addresses questions and concerns
  • Establishes guidelines for personal social media use
  • Enforces anti-discrimination policies
  • Highlights employee benefits and compensation

Wondering how HR Affiliates can be effective in the employee handbook process in the long-term? Your company is constantly evolving, and that means you will need to update your employee handbook as laws and regulations change, as well as when your company experiences internal changes and undergoes growth. We’re here to help your business construct an employee handbook that adheres to your values and plans.

Back-Up Your Business Plans with HR 

At HR Affiliates we’re committed to providing you with top-notch services. We go to work every day with the mission to exceed your business plans. We strive to find resourceful and time-efficient ways to make your business stand out from your competitors. Transparency, hard-work, and innovation are at the forefront of our values. Are you ready to construct an employee handbook that suits everyone? Fill out the form below.

Create an All-Encompassing Handbook.

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