Hire the right team and retention
takes care of itself.

We launched EZ HiRe based on the idea that qualified, high-performing candidates who fit your culture offer the best chance of retention. It’s a simple enough concept, but in an industry where fees are typically based on a percentage of year-one compensation, the financial motivation to conduct proper due diligence often isn’t there. We’re changing that.

More flexible and more cost-effective.

Instead of overbilling our clients, we’d rather partner with them by offering a flexible, comprehensive, and less expensive solution. One that starts with crafting accurate job descriptions and ends with successful onboarding for candidate after candidate. The best part is, it’s all scaled to meet your hiring and financial needs. We’ll do as much or as little as you like.

Ramp up and down with ease.

For businesses with seasonal or cyclical hiring needs, EZ HiRe is a cost-effective solution for both anticipated and unanticipated high-volume recruitment needs by finding the right people to fit your culture and propel your business forward.

Let HRA handle all your recruiting.

  • Why do it yourself?
  • Let us do it as your partner.
  • Same as IT, Accounting, HR, and Marketing.

Tracking and compliance.

As your hiring and onboarding partner, we work alongside you to assure adherence to all necessary compliance measures within the sourcing, recruiting, and hiring process to significantly reduce the risk of unnecessary and potentially expensive fines.

Accountability you can count on.

EZ HiRe assumes responsibility and accountability for all elements of recruiting and onboarding. This is crucial since we work by your side to design a unique program from soup to nuts to suit your needs, including:

  • Developing detailed workflows and structure
  • Crafting a talent acquisition model that can adapt and evolve with your business
  • Finding the right people to realize your organization’s full potential
  • Developing external marketing strategies


When you partner with EZ HiRe, you get more than a typical recruiter. You get a cost-effective partner dedicated to your long-term success with lower cost-per-hires, ongoing monitoring of recruitment expenses, and proactive, targeted sourcing to help you find people and teams with hard and soft skills. So let’s partner up, shall we?