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How Well Do You Understand the EEOC? Avoid Fines and Develop Policies in Advance – HR Affiliates Blog

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal agency in charge of implementing and enforcing laws regarding non-discrimination in the workplace. As topics surrounding workplace bias continue to publicize, the emphasis on understanding the EEOC grows stronger. A non-discriminatory workplace where employees feel safe and situations are addressed with urgency is crucial to your company’s future. In 2018, the EEOC received more than 76,000 charges. The EEOC typically involves civil law but don’t discount the possibility of damage, and though avoiding fines is important it shouldn’t be your first concern.

Where Do I Begin?

The first step is hiring an HR partner to help you establish policies and implement training — without one your business runs the risk of placing authority in the hands of people who aren’t appropriately fulfilling the needs of their role. Every business functions from the top down and we’re here to ensure the one’s you’ve selected to be your leaders are capable. Having a set process to address concerns regarding discrimination conveys the importance of maintaining a healthy workplace to your team. This topic deserves close attention so we’ve collected a list of tips below that will help your business mitigate the risk of getting fined.

  • Executing a strong Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policy
  • Fostering an inclusive culture that promotes respect and diversity
  • Developing policies in advance — training new and existing employees
  • Applying EEO principles to your recruiting and hiring tactics
  • Protecting against potential retaliation of an employer or employee
  • Adopting a strict anti-harassment policy
  • Training members in positions of authority to enforce company rules

You’re probably wondering how you’ll keep up with this list — maybe even questioning your company’s capacity to deliver. Staying informed on workplace policies and laws is our expertise, and we never miss an update. We stand to provide you not only with the tools to avoid failure, but to flourish in every aspect. You have nothing but unnecessary stress to shed, and everything to gain — what’s holding you back?

Prepare For a Prosperous Future 

Wondering what separates a business with top-performing employees who are wedded to steadfast values from one that is staying stagnant or sinking? The answer is an HR company whose principles are reflected in their work. With the EEOC buckling down on anti-discrimination in the workplace, your business could be at risk of breaking the law — planning ahead and establishing policies will alleviate concerns and ensure a promising future. HR Affiliates is here to help you elevate your team. Get in contact with us to learn more.

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