Career Tips

  • Four key reasons the myth of multi-tasking puts your business at a disadvantage In a world which prizes innovation, multi-tasking has come to be a standard expectation. Those who successfully implement the concept of accomplishing more with less are hailed for their efficiencies and held in high esteem. While this may sound like the optimum solution for your payroll budget, it may be placing the overall success of ... Read More
  • What Micromanagement is Costing Your Organization? Most micromanaging leaders are slow to admit such traits in their behaviors. Instead, they are likely to describe their leadership style as successfully focusing on details in order to achieve the performance goals of quality, accountability, and efficiencies. While in truth there is nothing wrong with insisting upon those deliverables, how your leadership team goes ... Read More
  • Is your PTO policy a benefit or an obstacle? Few people would argue the benefits to both mind and body that paid time off can provide by producing well-rested and energized employees. So why are more workers choosing to opt out of their benefits? According to a June 26, 2015 article by Maura Thomas published in Harvard Business Review   ( American workers already forfeit a ... Read More
  • How to Interview Effectively Under the right circumstances, it is possible to win a position with a weak resume. It is, however, nearly impossible to land a role after a poor interview. With so much at stake, even the most highly competent of candidates are likely to be nervous during an interview. So how does a skilled hiring manager ... Read More
  • Stress in the Workplace Stress in the workplace may be a given, but what you may not be considering is that the problem could be costing your business money. In a July 3, 2014 Inc article by Graham Winfrey, employers shoulder the cost of stress related health care and lost work days to the tune of $300 billion a ... Read More
  • The High Cost of Groupthink in the Workplace So what exactly is “groupthink”? While the term may sound rather clinical, chances are you have spent a great deal of your leadership time promoting the concept. At the most basic level, groupthink is a term used to describe the influence and emphasis of consensus. Applied to a work setting, groupthink prioritizes agreement and cohesion ... Read More
  • Can Conflict in the Workplace be a Good Thing? While most organizations are hard at work trying to resolve conflict in the workplace, is it possible that some conflict may be a good thing? To begin to answer that question it is worth noting the definition. A simple definition by Merriam-Webster tells us that conflict is: a struggle for power, property, etc. strong disagreement between people, groups, ... Read More
  • How to Reduce Work Stress While eliminating work stress may be an impossible task, there are multiple solutions to engage, which not only reduce workplace stress but increase productivity as well. To begin, it is important to identify those factors that can escalate an already stressed workforce. Below are three areas to consider. Workloads subject to fluctuating or seasonal demands. Longer hours, extended ... Read More
  • Key Factors for Career Success Is simply hiring the right person enough or is there more to the equation for an employee to consider their career a success? US organizations spend over $72 Billion annually on recruiting services, staff, and products. Despite this investment, a majority of professionals continue to report dissatisfaction with their careers. In order to understand what may ... Read More
  • 5 Social Media Tips for Professionals According to conservative estimates, there are over 500 social media platforms in existence today. This means that it is probably safe to say that social media is not a fad that will be over by year’s end. In fact LinkedIn made its debut in 2003, with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube being quick to follow. Each has a unique brand and outreach ... Read More