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Recruiting for the Job You Need Versus the Title

Manager, Vice President, Specialist, Analyst, Senior, Advisor. The words employers use to describe an open position can be confusing and daunting for job seekers. A job title is the first, and sometimes only thing, a potential candidate sees when looking at job boards, and it can be the one chance you have to get job seekers to click on your posting.

Recruiting for an open position can be a difficult task for employers, and there are many steps to take to get from the open position to finally hiring a new employee. One of the first steps in the hiring process is defining the position with a job description and creating a job title. Creating the job title may seem like a simple step, but it should definitely not be overlooked, as it can set the tone for the types of applicants you receive. 

For example, a client of HRA was looking to fill an open position and wanted help recruiting for a ‘Sr. Finance Manager’ role. Due in part to the job title that was posted, they began receiving applicants demanding salaries well above the range in which the client could pay for the role. Some of the candidates also held high-level senior level positions within other, larger companies. Luckily the hiring manager was flexible, and we worked with them to change the job title from ‘Sr. Finance Manager’ to ‘Sr. Accounting Analyst’. With this new job title, they were able to attract a better applicant pool, with qualified candidates in which to make their selection, and ultimately filled the position with someone in their salary range and in line with the experience level that was needed to be successful.

It is important for hiring managers to be resourceful and flexible when it comes to creating a job title, so that it aligns with the duties, years of experience, and compensation for the position in which they are hiring. While employers may think a “fancier” or more senior-sounding job title might attract more applicants, it actually sets up the hiring manager to deal with a lot of expectations from candidates that the employer is unable to meet. 

If you are looking to fill a role in your company and are creating the job posting, be sure to take the time and consider the importance of the job title. HRA can help you create a title and description that will attract candidates that will meet the needs of the role. Contact HRA for more information today!

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