Employee Relations

How Well Do You Understand the EEOC? Avoid Fines and Develop Policies in Advance – HR Affiliates Blog

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal agency in charge of implementing and enforcing laws regarding non-discrimination in the workplace. As topics surrounding workplace bias continue to publicize, the emphasis on understanding the EEOC grows stronger. A non-discriminatory workplace where employees feel safe and situations are addressed with urgency is crucial to your …

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HR Management

3 Ways to Successfully Implement Contemporary Workplace Policies – HR Affiliates Blog

One of the most pressing concerns employers have in 2019 is handling their company’s workplace policies. The importance of notifying employees of company changes is imperative to maintaining structure and ensuring that employees know their rights— and their role. As society shifts, workplace policies have gained complexity while navigating through contemporary practices. By law, employers …

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