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The New Norm: Adjusting to COVID-19 and the Future of Remote Work – HR Affiliates Blog

Remote work is now widely perceived as a temporary measure to COVID-19, but in the months to come it will become the new norm. Prior to this, most businesses weren’t remote, but as the seriousness of the pandemic escalated, thousands of companies nationwide were forced to switch to remote work. Now, employers are grappling with the reality that their teams lack training on the ins and outs of remote work. 

Employers, Utilize Your Resources from HR

What can employers do to help promote productivity and efficiency? The answer begins with organization. Employers are now in a position where they must learn more about remote work and how they can accommodate the needs of their team. While some employees prefer working remotely, many do not, so it’s up to employers to ensure every team member has the tools needed to be successful. At HR Affiliates, we are committed to helping your business adjust to the current workplace climate, while planning for the reopening of offices. You don’t have to navigate through tumultuous times alone — we’re in this together. Below are some tips for adjusting to the new norm:


  • Prioritize health and mental wellness. Temporarily closing offices demonstrates a commitment to slowing the spread of the virus. Check-in with your team through weekly online meetings.
  • Build the right space for the virtual workplace.  Providing your team with the right materials to ensure collaboration is paramount to their effectiveness in communicating virtually.
  • Sustain your company culture. New times call for new measures, but your culture shouldn’t suffer. Schedule team virtual coffee chats and happy hours. Encourage your team members to schedule one-on-one meetings.
  • Acknowledge their hard work. This is a nice way to motivate your team. Send out weekly emails thanking the team, and recognizing specific achievements.
  • Check-in weekly. Make sure your employees feel comfortable voicing their concerns or offering suggestions on how to improve workflow.


Every employee is experiencing the impacts of COVID-19 — in their personal and professional lives. Maintaining communication during this time will establish a sense of rapport, trust, and accountability among your employees. 

Partners With a Plan to Prevail

Our goal is to provide your business with an extra set of hands. If you’re having difficulty managing remote work, staying in compliance, or keeping up with the latest changes in state and federal laws — HR Affiliates is here to keep your business in line.

Prioritize Your Future Post-COVID-19.

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