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Three Reasons Why Every CPA Should Know a Good HR Consultant – HR Affiliates Blog

When you think about it, certified public accountants are pretty similar to human resources professionals: they’re in the business of making sure their clients are successful. Moreover, both CPAs and HR representatives actively work to save their clients money. In this post, we highlight three reasons why CPAs and HR consultants should team up.

A client with good HR allows CPAs to focus on what they do best

While CPAs specialize in balancing clients’ books and offering advice on how to cut costs, HR can manage backend, in-house tasks to keep the ship afloat. Further, CPAs can rest easy and continue to serve their clients while HR develops company policy, maintains payroll, and ensures better employee relations.

Just like CPAs, HR seeks to avoid unnecessary financial risk

Both CPAs and HR professionals prioritize regulatory compliance standards. While CPAs actively work to keep their clients financially compliant according to state and federal regulations, HR provides appropriate screening measures to ensure companies remain compliant based on employee and workplace legislation. In essence, CPAs monitor financial health for their clients while HR monitors workplace health – and both activities, done right or wrong, can have a huge impact on the bottom line.

HR acts as a trusted source of knowledge for growth and planning

It’s no secret that HR specializes in helping companies grow through hiring, firing, and everything else in the employee life cycle. CPAs often don’t have to worry about that stuff, but they do think about the growth of their clients’ businesses. So, when a CPA’s clients have good HR in place it can help the CPA to see the full financial picture of an organization’s growth.

When you’re a good partner to your clients, having a trusted network of service providers — like an HR consultancy — is advantageous. If you’d like to make HR Affiliates part of your network, fill out the form below and we’ll set up a time to get acquainted.

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