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Recruiting in the information age has come a long way. As recently as 1997, only about 20% of companies used the internet to find potential employees. As people became more comfortable online, job boards began to spring up, and the percentage soared. In 2018, most employers realize that the internet is their most important tool in recruiting, so it’s critical to practice the most innovative and effective ways to get the most out of your recruiting budget.

The Key(words) to SEO

First, think big picture. What job are you trying to fill? Be specific with the job title and description. If you’re looking for an accountant, use the word “accountant.” Even if you’re the hippest company in town, no one is going to search for an opening for a “Number Slayer” or a “Balance Sheet Black Belt.” If you’re in doubt, have a look at Google’s Keyword Planner or the Indeed Jobs Category site and pick the highest-ranking keywords for that particular position, and use those in the listing and description.

Social Media: Always Be Recruiting

Social media is the easiest, most effective way to find people where they’re already hanging out online. Companies can simply post job listings to LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Create or repeat a hashtag to spread the word, for example #LouisvilleTech. If your company allows it, encourage some of your more active social media users to share these posts as well.

For a softer approach, a company can use other social media channels (Instagram, Facebook) to boast of its culture with the goal of reaching people organically. Cool company culture is what many people aspire to, so this type of content is shared more often, even though a specific recruiting message may not be included.

Get an employee preview with a video interview

The ease of conducting a video interview offers both employers and candidates real advantages.

  • Neither the candidate nor the employer has to travel to and from the interview site, saving time and money on expenses.
  • If a job has many applicants, doing video interviews allows the employer to conduct more than the normal number of conventional interviews. And since it’s recorded, the recruiter can watch the interview more than once, and not have to rely on memory, further ensuring that the right candidate is chosen.
  • If the employer is open to hiring a remote candidate, a video interview is the perfect way to assess a candidate’s abilities. Communication can be a challenge with a remote employee, so the video interview gives both candidate and employer the opportunity to test those waters on the spot.

We know recruiting isn’t easy no matter what industry you’re in, and our goal is to see you make smarter human resource decisions. Keep checking back for more HR tips, tricks, and updates.

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