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Why the First 90 Days are Paramount in Onboarding New Employees – HR Affiliates Blog

Does your company have a formal onboarding process? If not, you should consider investing in a team of HR experts that can assist with onboarding new employees. A proper onboarding process will ensure greater performance and instill the necessary confidence and skills needed for the position. There are a couple mistakes companies make from the start — the first one being a non-existent onboarding method, and the second is making the assumption your leadership team can effectively onboard without HR. Prosperous companies understand the impact of onboarding on their team — from preserving the company culture to retaining and attracting leading talent, onboarding is the foundation of your business.

The Benefits of an Efficient Onboarding Process

Asking yourself when the most productive time to onboard is? Companies that start within the first 90 days are maximizing their results. Starting prior to the employee’s first day is impactful, too — a recent survey showed that 83 percent of the highest performing organizations began onboarding prior to the new hire’s first day on the job. Hiring an HR team helps you understand your company’s unique needs while defining the content and creating structure to execute the plan. The employee life cycle can’t exist without onboarding, so we’ve made a list highlighting the benefits of onboarding.

  • Reduces new employee anxiety
  • Acclimates one to the company culture 
  • Ensures compliance
  • Establishes clear understanding of one’s position 
  • Prompts rapport and relationships founded on trust 
  • Diminishes high turnover rates
  • Retains top-performing employees
  • Increases employee interaction and respect
  • Boosts company reputation 
  • Streamlines employee growth

As workplace standards continue to evolve the list grows, and as an employer you shouldn’t underestimate the role of an onboarding process. The role of an HR partner is to determine your company’s needs, and provide you with all the resources you need to thrive. 

Leaders, Embrace Accountability

We previously mentioned leadership, and though the onboarding process heavily involves HR, managers play a fundamental role in the outcome. The members you’ve selected to be your leaders should monitor employee performance, and address any concerns that may arise along the way. The consequences of poor leadership during the onboarding process shouldn’t be perceived as a minor mistake. The likeliness of company culture to spiral downwards is greater, and every employee is affected when a new member doesn’t understand what their role entails. Beyond that, lack of structure leads to new hires quitting, and even worse, the daunting possibility of a lawsuit. HR partners formulate their process with consideration to every outcome to put your leaders in a position of consistent success.

Trust the Process With HR Affiliates

Our objective at HR Affiliates is to make your business a leading one within your industry — we stand by your unwavering values, and support you in upholding them every time. We believe that thriving businesses have a team of HR experts who help define their needs, set goals, obtain success, and track the company’s growth. We’re here to customize an onboarding process that goes unmatched. Are you ready to start adding checkmarks to your list of business goals?

Define Your Onboarding Expectations.

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