HR Affiliates will protect the privacy and confidentiality of all information about our customers.

We will maintain accurate records, and use secure technology to keep information safe. Customers will be contacted before we request information from them, including the type of information we are requesting and the purpose for which that information will be used.

Our Privacy Policy applies to the information we receive online and from submitted documents. Information we receive may be used for internal business purposes. We may also use the information to send you information on our services, unless you notify us in writing that you do not wish to receive this information.

If we are contacted by authorized regulatory authorities, customers agree that we must honor the request, and consent to the disclosure of the requested information, as required by state and or federal law.

We will not disclose customer information to any third party for any marketing purposes, and we will not sell, trade, or distribute the information we collect from you to outside vendors or unrelated third parties.

Our Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time.