There are two types of people. Those who have HR emergencies and those who avoid them.

The three most important business relationships? Your lawyer, accountant, and HR partner. Not necessarily in that order.

As your HR partner, we're with you at every stage of the employee life cycle.

If you have more than 5 employees, maybe it's time to put on your big company pants.

Growing companies don't often know what expensive dangers lurk for the non-compliant. Don't be that company.

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  • Fill a need
  • Fit the culture
  • Raise the bar

Finding an employee who will move your company forward is a step in the right direction.

Finding an employee who will fill a need and fit your culture is one thing, but finding someone who will raise the bar is the sweet spot. Finding one who will do all three is where we come in.

Sexual harassment, employee conflict, and that guy who cooks fish in the microwave.

Keep up with these and other HR issues. It’s more interesting than you think.

Our Partnership with GLI Saves Time and Money

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HRSolutions — our exclusive partnership with Greater Louisville Inc. — offers discounts on HR-related services to help businesses save time and money. GLI members receive a 10 percent discount on recurring and project-based human resources services.

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