Lisa Gentner


Sr. People Advisor and Client Relationship Manager

When not guiding and providing assistance to our clients on HR related matters, you can find Lisa spending time and traveling with family and friends and hunting for bargains. She's quite the expert at finding deals.

Office / 502.398.3477

Amy Olds


Sr. People Advisor and Client Relationship Manager

Amy studied opera and has a degree in vocal/music education. She puts her training to use in the car singing along with the radio and occasional karaoke.

Mobile / 502.641.9034

Paula Agee


VP, Human Resources and Chief People Officer

Paula is a master chaos coordinator at home with her husband, two daughters, three dogs, and friends who are often at her table for a home cooked meal. She is an avid baker and loves to cook and entertain. She and her family enjoy taking trips together, and Paula makes a goal of learning how to cook the specialty local cuisine from their travels.

Office / 502.398.3470

Lisa Bottorff

VP, Talent Acquisition and Business Development

Lisa is a coffee aficionado and can usually be found in any one of our area’s coffee shops. She’s a self-professed lover of fun times and good food as long as she’s surrounded by family and friends.

Office / (502) 398-4058

Blair S. Gordon


Blair was a terrible golfer with a “hole in one.” Now he’s a hiking enthusiast.

Office / 502.485.9675
Mobile / 502.802.8213

Jennifer Wheatley


President and CEO

Jennifer loves to travel, will go anywhere and is always ready for a road trip.

Office / 502.398.4059
Mobile / 502.552.2169

J. Paul Gordon


J. Paul met his Kentucky-born wife on a Greek island rooftop, while backpacking in Europe.

Office / 502.485.9675
Mobile / 502.262.1172

Jenna Malcolm


People Advisor & HR Administration Specialist

You might see Jenna tooling around town in her Camaro, drinking her beloved Starbucks coffee, and laughing at everything.

Mobile / 502.403.7411

Gwen Chidester


Sr. People Advisor and Client Strategist

Look for Gwen the next time you visit Churchill Downs. She’ll be the redhead cheering on her favorite at the finish line, donning one of her big, crazy hats!

Mobile / 502.802.5228

Linda Witten

Accounting Manager

Linda likes to walk her rescue hound, Tucker. She also loves to cook, preferably recipes that include chocolate.

Office / 502.398.4059

Patricia Turner

Sr. Recruiting Consultant

Patricia enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, going to sporting events, working out with her personal trainer, and attending the theater.

Office / 502.398.3474

Michelle Calhoun

Payroll and Benefits Specialist

Michelle enjoys cooking, reading, and spending quiet evenings at home with her fiancé, two rescue dogs Stella & Blue, and a very large cat named Monster. On the weekends, she and her fiancé enjoy entertaining friends and visiting local shops and restaurants.

Office / 502.398.3472
Mobile / 502.298.4982

Mary Ann Glaser

Business Operations Manager

Mary Ann once backpacked through Europe and went skydiving in Switzerland.

Office / 502.398.3476


We believe the most important part of running a successful company is having a strong focus on employees. It’s about finding the right staff, paying them appropriately, offering the right benefits, making them feel safe, and following the countless regulations. Not because it’s an obligation, but because it’s the right thing to do. And helping you do the right thing is what drives us. We want your business to reap the benefits of our expertise and from that the benefits of putting people first. We want your employees to trust you, embody your values and thrive in your company culture. We want your customers to feel the end result of an engaged and productive staff. And we want you to be able to focus on doing what you do best. So while we’re in the business of human resources, when we really break our work down to its most basic form, it’s probably more accurate to say that we’re in the business of you.


To change the way you think about HR.


We strive to create a beautiful workplace that improves the lives of our team members, encourages excellence in all that we do, and which partners joyfully with our clients to help their businesses thrive.


Our work will be guided by our beliefs and commitments to:

Excellence. We are passionate about people, processes, and service excellence with a focus to meet the needs of our clients with a pursued dedication and sense of urgency.

Integrity. We do the right thing. Always.

Relationships. We want to make a difference in the lives of others – team members, clients, employees; we thrive by connecting with one another to write success stories.

Flexibility. We meet our clients where they are, and we follow the path designed for them to get them where they need to be; we meet our team members where they are and walk with them on the path that makes them most successful.

Standards. We model positive examples as we pursue high expectations of ourselves and others.

Inclusiveness. We respect people, we value diversity, we find joy in the uniquity of every individual, we are committed to equality.

Teamwork. We are present for each other, we are authentic for one another, we are growing this company for one another.

Cultivate Raving Fans. We create Raving Fans of our clients, business associates, and one another. We have not achieved our goal until everyone that works with us is raving with delight about our people, our services, and our culture.

Joy. We laugh; we strive to find the good in every thing; we recognize that joy comes from within, not from our circumstances.

HR Affiliates is proud to announce that we are now Canopy Certified! We are proud to join a growing community of companies helping to make Kentucky first in good business. This certification verifies our commitment to positive social and environmental impact through a rigorous assessment of key metrics in leadership, culture, governance, and external impact.

The Canopy Certification provides a path for Kentucky businesses to incorporate, measure, and grow their good. As a certified company, we will produce an annual impact report to increase transparency and build trust with our customers and employees. And we won’t stop there! We have committed to continuous improvement each year through a series of electives designed to assess our company’s unique areas of impact.

About Canopy

Canopy Certified Inc. is a nonprofit working to support and recognize for-profit businesses with a stated social or environmental mission. Based in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood, the organization launched the Canopy Certification in the summer of 2022.

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