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Have you ever wondered what traits a candidate exudes that makes you choose them over another candidate? Undeniably, the first few minutes of an interview reveal several of the candidates attributes. Employers are in pursuit of those with relative experience and a steadfast passion to grow and contribute to a business. Skilled interviewers focus on more than the good and they take note of inefficient traits — making the process of eliminating inadequate applicants swift.

What Are Employers Seeking in Candidates?

When your company chooses HR Affiliates, we work side-by-side to ensure your hiring managers are well trained to decipher between skilled and unskilled candidates. As businesses progress forward in contemporary times we acknowledge the importance of workplace culture, the role of social media during the process of recruiting, and what elements candidates are seeking in companies. There are various stages in an interview as well as several formats — in person, phone, and video. Most frequently used are in-person and phone interviews, and from the employer’s perspectives each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Phone Interviews

We’ve all encountered these and been ecstatic because they’re unquestionably less stressful, right? Technology can impact phone interviews because candidate’s have quick access to information on the web. With that in mind, phone interviews are commonly used when businesses are located in places the candidate doesn’t currently reside in. We’ve come up with a list of pros and cons that can benefit both sides:


  • Taking call in comfortable setting
  • Ability to utilize notes
  • Increased flexibility of time


  • Difficulty to connect and build rapport in a meaningful way
  • Absence of body language
  • Limited time

The price employers pay for conveniency could be a bad hire, but if steps are strategically used this can result in recruiting a long-term employee. There are certain challenges presented with phone interviews so our advice to employers is to consult with HR partners to construct a thorough plan for the process of interviewing candidates. The employee life cycle begins here — understanding each position is necessary to develop an effective approach in selecting the most accomplished candidates.

Advantages and Disadvantages of In-Person Interviews

A CareerBuilder survey revealed that 49 percent of employers know within the first five minutes of an interview whether a candidate is a good or bad fit. Even more staggering is that 87 percent know within the first 15 minutes. In-person interviews are the most common type of interview for employers. In contemporary workplaces, however, often initial conversations happen by phone or video, and are followed up with an interview in the office if the candidate is qualified.


  • Easier to build rapport in person
  • Presence of body language
  • Accurate screening


  • Scheduling
  • More attention to dress and overall presentation
  • Inability to utilize notes as often

An in-person interview is the most productive way for a candidate to demonstrate their qualifications and show that they’re fit for the team.

Feel the Result of the Employee Life Cycle

Having an HR partner on your team is preeminent to your company’s prosperity. How can you select the right employees without a coordinated plan? We’ve seen how the employee life cycle affects a company, that’s why we have customizable plans based on your company’s needs. From reviewing resumes to providing personality and behavioral assessments, we do it all. Booming businesses and bad businesses are separated by a fine line — organization, action, and process. It’s time to get your business on track with HR partners you can count on. Be the business you’ve always wanted to see. Contact us with questions about the employee life cycle today.

Make a Great Team.

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