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Keeping Up with the Changing Habits of Jobseekers

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many things run in the workplace. From working at home offices, to how new candidates are recruited and hired, it seems everything has changed. Not only have recruiters changed their habits, but jobseekers seem to be changing the way they search and apply for jobs, as well. Here are the ways that jobseekers have changed their job search habits, and how you and your company should respond.

The first change that jobseekers have made is in the way they search for open positions. We are seeing a decline in the use of job boards, and a rise in the use of social media. According to Louisville Business First, “Only 60% of jobseekers said they used job boards in 2021, compared to 72% in 2020.” How can companies keep up with this trend? Find a way to utilize the social media channels that you already have to get the word out about open positions. If you do not currently utilize social media regularly, now is the time to jump on board.

Another way that jobseekers have the current upper hand in the job market is that they are moving quickly. While it may have been common for a jobseeker to get no response for a week, they are now moving on to other opportunities if that happens. We are also seeing a rise in the use of text messaging to communicate with jobseekers. To keep up with this trend, companies need to adjust their timelines and be sure not to hesitate if they have a good candidate.

While some of these changes may seem to be shaking up the way recruiting used to work, one thing has remained the same. According to a survey by Louisville Business First, money is still the top factor influencing jobseekers and the positions that they accept. Companies need to be aware that jobseekers are more regularly using counteroffers to get the salary they are looking for, and while it may take budget adjustments, meeting jobseeker needs is the best way to find and retain talent.

Money may still be the most influential factor in a job search, but flexibility is also increasingly important to today’s jobseekers. As the rise of remote work has continued, those on the job hunt are seeking out positions where they have the flexibility to work from home. Companies need to keep in mind that if they do not offer this, they may lose out on qualified candidates who prioritize the work/life balance over salary alone.

The last trend that we are seeing when it comes to the job search is that jobseekers are prioritizing company culture more than ever. Jobseekers now have the ability to search online and on social media to learn about a company, even before a first interview. While considering an offer from a company, individuals are looking for a positive and personable company culture that values diversity. While the hiring process used to be more structured, we are seeing a rise in a more relaxed approach that lets the candidate get to know the company before they accept a position.

While changes in the workplace continue, it is important to companies to reflect on their current processes and adjust to make themselves most attractive to jobseekers.

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