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5 Times You’ll Be Glad You Had HR – HR Affiliates Blog

We’ve found that companies often don’t realize they need HR services until it’s too late. In this blog post, we focus on 5 specific instances when you’ll be incredibly happy that you’ve employed a human resources professional.

1. Opening your business

When starting a business, HR will help eliminate a lot of unnecessary headache. More directly, starting a business with a dedicated HR department will ensure you and your employees are on the same page when it comes to company culture, expectations, and policy. Further, Fast Company writes that while you attend to other issues surrounding the beginning stages of your company, a dedicated HR department will concentrate on maintaining your company focus, fostering a diverse and engaged employee atmosphere, and building a workplace that your team will be proud to be part of.

2. When a big change happens

So now your company is off the ground and steadily expanding when suddenly a major event occurs. Your business might land a massive client, go public, or experience a merger or acquisition. Though all of these hypotheticals may seem positive at a glance, all are capable of disrupting your company’s flow. You’ll be more than reassured when HR steps in to help retain your current employee base, blend existent and incoming company cultures, and adapt management styles to help everyone.

3. During an unexpected emergency

Frankly, sometimes things go south. In other words, your company could very likely face some kind of emergency that directly or indirectly affects you and your employees. HR will provide your company with the framework to deal with emergencies appropriately, offering your company plans for emergency prevention and response.

4. When laws change

Keeping up with legislative changes can be especially tricky for a business owner. When laws regarding compliance and labor inevitably change, your HR department will work diligently to adapt your company policies accordingly. HR’s role in this process protects your company from any unwanted surprises — particularly costly fines and even lawsuits.

5. When firing a problem employee

At the same time that HR will help you bring on new employees, they can also enable your business to let go of problem employees in dramatically easier ways. Put differently, HR can successfully manage a problem employee early, document patterned offenses, investigate misconduct, help make the decision to terminate, and confirm the employee is informed of their termination, all while keeping your company compliant.

There’s more than enough grateful HR moments to talk about, but we’ll save those for future posts. Until then, be sure to check out our blog on how “‘Compliance’ Isn’t a Dirty Word.

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