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Employers Are Getting Fired More Frequently: Are You Failing Your Team? – HR Affiliates Blog

The chances of getting sued as an employer by your employees are getting increasingly higher. With laws constantly evolving and workplace equality being taken more seriously, you might often find yourself struggling to handle situations effectively. Give your business the long-term protection it needs — stay out of legal trouble and gain compliance by having an HR professional on your side. Workplace issues can’t wait to be addressed, get ahead and take action as soon as a problem arises. 

What Can Cost Your Business the Bottom Line?

Well, a lot — but you should note that something you may see as minor could get you fired. Imagine how detrimental it would feel to watch your business spiral downwards because of something that is both in your control, and avoidable. Even worse, watching your business fail while being sued thousands of dollars. We recognize the stress this topic may stimulate, so we’ve come up with a list of reason’s employers get fired — make sure you’re marking x’s on each one.

  • Failing to treat employees equally. Demographics aren’t the only things that fall into this category. Make sure the same issue across multiple employees is addressed the same way. If your tactics change, make sure to inform employees of updated consequences.
  • Messing up employee pay. This is often unintentional — make sure you’re in compliance with state laws, as well as keeping up with hours worked, travel time, and much more.
  • Dismissing accommodations. Employees who are pregnant or have a disability might demand extra assistance or some accommodation. Make sure you provide them as needed.
  • Inadequately addressing harassment. Discrimination and harrassment sometimes arise in the workplace. Make sure the proper steps are taken to address any issues and prevent future situations.
  • Mismanaging medical leave. Always stay up-to-date on workplace laws and requirements to avoid mishandling leave.

Did you fall under any of these categories, or cut it close? Whether it was unintentional or not, make sure your future entails a clearer understanding of workplace don’ts. It’s not uncommon to get sued as an employer by your employees, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the risk. 

Get Affiliated With Our Intentions

HR Affiliates stays up-to-date on more than just compliance laws. We understand how employers are getting sued by their employees, and the irreversible costly damage that stems from it. We stand to help your business not only mitigate the chances of you getting sued, but to exist as the most compliant, profitable and desirable business you can be. We value doing what is right, we know you do too — contacting an HR professional is the first step in that direction. Make your business thrive, the time is today.

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