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HR is in Higher Demand Than Ever: 5 Predictions of Workplace Shifts in 2020 – HR Affiliates Blog

Does your company have big plans in 2020? Whatever they may entail, don’t underestimate how HR can leverage your business to put you in a position of consistent growth. The curtains are closing on nine-to-five careers that offer traditional benefits — the last decade brought about societal changes that have greatly influenced the average American’s job expectations. You may have noticed businesses utilizing more technology than ever, but don’t think Human Resources can be replaced by technology. We’re here to give your business strategy the structure only humans can provide. Experts are predicting the world of HR will shift as employer’s needs evolve — companies are no longer in search of HR generalists, but rather HR specialists. The time to make business decisions for the future is today. Are you outsourcing HR to a team that can help determine your needs with consideration to the economy of the workplace?

Making Strides Towards HR in the Next Decade

One of the main factors that contributes to business failure is the inability to stand out, meaning a company lacks the characteristics of an attractive destination for top-talent. Well-known companies are no longer taking the lead — smaller ones are paving the way and establishing themselves as successful businesses by modifying their workplace. What exactly are the components of a profitable workplace in the next decade? Well, defining a business strategy is preeminent to your future. Without a business strategy your company has no way of getting from point A to B, and beyond that, no way of yielding profit. This topic gained a lot of traction from employers, so we’ve come up with a list that underscores predicted shifts, and how HR ensures a successful transformation.


  • Data-Driven HR. There’s a ton of useful information in our possession. Employee demographics, performance KPI’s, and recruitment data can be used to make unbiased hiring decisions, promote diversity, and increase company loyalty.
  • In-House HR. CEO’s are experiencing the downfall of in-house HR through lower employee engagement and performance, affecting profitability. Outsourcing will continue to increase.
  • Business Analytics and Strategy. Recruiting will become more like marketing. Some are even predicting further expansion — HR professionals will handle internal marketing to include brand ownership.
  • Employee Onboarding. Companies are seeing exceptional results from onboarding a new employee prior to their start date.


Don’t risk the costly outcome of introducing shifts that aren’t properly monitored. In the wake of the new workplace climate, new challenges we’ve never experienced will emerge — make sure you have an HR partner on your side to help you refine your business strategy and evaluate your growth.

Put Plans in Motion With HR Affiliates

The changes ahead can be overwhelming without a plan, and the most prosperous workplaces are already consulting with HR experts to gather information on the changes to come. Introduce HR to your team to enforce accountability and take your business strategy to the next level. From managing remote work, to building a company culture that leverages flexibility for on-site employees, HR Affiliates is ready to make your business #1 in your industry. 

Let’s Strategize Together.

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