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Sixty-seven percent of job seekers said a diverse workplace is important when considering job offers. Candidates are in search of work environments that prioritize inclusivity. Diversity training makes teamwork possible — they emphasize the need for a variety of viewpoints, as well as highlighting the benefits of collaboration between employees and work tasks. A diversity and inclusion training creates a healthier, collaborative, and more profitable work environment. Not only does this benefit the company internally, but also externally by boosting reputation. 

Elevate Your Business, Stride Toward Action

One of the most constructive aspects of diversity training is that it helps stimulate a higher sense of comfortability in expressing thoughts and ideas, across all employee positions and levels. The intention of diversity training is to cultivate a safe work atmosphere where interaction goes deeper among employees of different backgrounds. Our HR experts understand the urgency for diversity training in doubling, even tripling profit — from a business perspective, this is a strategy and not only a training. 

Diversity and inclusion training require more effort than respecting and accepting others. Companies should embody diversity by seeking candidates of varied backgrounds. Businesses who are leveraging diversity across numerous backgrounds including, but not limited to: Ethnic, racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation, education, and skill sets, are expanding beyond employee comfortability. Make sure your business fosters a culture where awareness is acquired and barriers are broken down. Current issues should be discussed in hopes of making every employee heard. Become the business that advances in more than just one aspect.

What Steps Should Leadership Take?

Your leadership team reflects your company’s values, so make sure they are capable of instilling diversity and inclusion even after trainings — this is an ongoing effort that must be carried out by them. How would you feel knowing your employees feel unsafe, uncomfortable practicing their beliefs, or alienated from the team? If this topic isn’t taken seriously, your company will suffer the loss of both current employees and future candidates. The urgency of passing along this information is essential to your success as a business, so we’ve organized a list of tips for your leaders that we also include in our training:

  • Establish a training plan. Consider your goals then create a plan for your business to thrive.
  • Stay up-to-date on news. Training should develop as workplace laws shift.
  • Onboard new and existing employees. Consult with your top leaders to ensure all employees are onboard and meeting expectations.
  • Encourage questions during training. Trainings should be productive, educational, engaging, and informative. 
  • Train employees of all levels. Never assume certain employees just know, this is a collaborative effort.
  • Connect diversity strategies to recruiting. Fuse your knowledge of this training to your recruiting tactics.
  • Promote employee networks. Go further than 9-5. Inform your employees of community groups and events.

HR Affiliates exists to go beyond helping you cross these off your to-do list. We’ll even assess your company’s growth by tracking metrics in recruiting, diversity, turnover rates, and much more. It may seem overwhelming now, but once your business begins the training all concerns surrounding harassment and discrimination will be confronted. We believe the sooner these issues are addressed, the quicker the problem is resolved with an unlikeliness to reoccur.

Make it to the Top with HR Affiliates 

Give your business the confidence you’ve been seeking and learn more about the many ways your business will expand with this training. From higher employee satisfaction and engagement, to securing your bottom line, to everything in between — allow your company to feel the result of a training our HR experts hold to a high standard. Ready to take your business to the next level? Fill out our form below to learn more. 


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