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The need for sufficient employee benefit plans are growing rapidly given the complex fundamentals that make up a prosperous company. As businesses are continuing to evolve, staying up-to-date on shifts in employee policies, federal laws, compensation strategies, etc. are becoming more difficult than ever. Add the administration of employee benefit plans to the mix and it can get even more complex. Lucky for you, HR Affiliates provides consulting and guidance for companies to avoid the downside of assembling an inadequate benefit plan. 

Take Advantage of Understanding Employee Needs

Employee benefit plans are equally as important on both sides of your business, for the employer and the employee. Not only are they a strategic aspect of retaining and recruiting, but they serve as a staple for driving quality candidates. 

If we had to break this down in steps for you, step one would begin with HR managers and other relevant top executives who determine what types of benefits they will extend. One of the most pressing challenges employers are faced with is deciding which are credited as valuable. Shifting trends in workplace culture should be taken into account as candidates are ready to work in progressive environments that have more to offer than just compensation or traditional offers. We’ve composed a list of what some of those plans might entail:

  • Better health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Flexible hours/remote work
  • Additional vacation time
  • Student loan and tuition assistance
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Work-life balance consideration
  • Employee bonding/events

The list goes on. But don’t let your top employees move on because of your benefits plan. Through the lens of an HR partner, incorporating more than just health benefits into a plan is important in building an employee’s loyalty to a company. HR Affiliates exists so your organization avoids the rippling expense of a benefits plan that lacks the prime components that should exist in contemporary workplaces.

Cover Your Grounds, For Less  

Administering employee benefit plans requires a team that is well-prepped and knowledgeable on federal requirements with the ability to communicate accurate information. HR partners exist not only to construct the plans you need, but to make sure your leaders are onboard. 

We go beyond ensuring compliance — we aren’t content until everyone in an organization clearly understands their benefits. We hold ourselves to our values, and we want your employees to hold themselves accountable to yours. Providing employees with the necessary tools to understand benefit plans begins with proficient leaders, but it doesn’t stop there. Both employee performance and satisfaction are shaped by the experiences an employee has within a business. Due to this, more contemporary workplaces are in quest of HR partners who construct benefit plans which are organized, up-to-date, and make candidates feel valued professionally and personally. New hires should be provided with the following information:

  • Synopsis of benefits covered in each plan
  • List of plan types categorized by various positions
  • Potential limits on coverage
  • Factors that inhibit changes in benefit plans

Imagine not having someone within your business to accurately answer an important question about the valuable information pertaining to your employees. We are experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in years, meaning the best applicants won’t settle for mediocre companies who don’t have the responsiveness they need. HR Affiliates is here to build your company, so you can be a desirable destination for five-star applicants, as well as holding onto your loyal employees who will be there to set an example. We come up with the answers before the questions are asked, because without that, businesses will suffer. We don’t want to just boost employee engagement, we want satisfaction at an all time high too. 

The benefits administrator is a specialist — trained to do more than just design and deliver information to new and existing hires. They’re in charge of budget and expenses in consideration to a company’s goals. With over two decades of experience, HR Affiliates has mastered the process of administering employee benefit plans, and we want your company to feel the end result of our expertise.

Reap the Benefits of Our Expertise

Get in touch with an HR consultant today. Creating employee benefit plans for the whole team doesn’t have to be confusing. We want to help your business assemble a plan that fits everyone’s needs, without the hassle. Better benefits, the best employees, the most profit, the strongest leaders, the most reliable HR partners — some things aren’t too good to be true. Talk to an HR professional today to tackle your duties the optimal way.

Administer employee benefits the optimal way.

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