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The Pros and Cons of On-Site HR Versus On-Call HR – HR Affiliates Blog

There’s no doubt that having human resources for your business is the right decision. A tougher choice is determining the level of HR that will align with your business strategies and goals. Essentially, you have two options: on-site HR, i.e., having a specialist in your office during business hours, and on-call HR, meaning having someone available for when needs arise. Both forms of HR have their benefits but can operate differently when it comes to employee culture, specialist availability, and costs. We’ll run through the pros and cons of each option to ensure you make the best decision for your business.

On-Site HR

Pros: Readily Available and a Deeper Understanding of Business Nuances

When a consultant or full-time employee is on-site, you have the benefit of having an HR specialist readily available to assist with all of your HR needs. Their presence allows for a quicker response time and the ability for employees to interact with the HR specialist in a one-on-one capacity and as often as needed. Additionally, when an HR professional is on-site they can gain a deeper understanding of your business, which can lead to more effective solutions.

Cons: Potential to Affect Company Culture and Higher Cost

There is sometimes a fear that HR can be overbearing and can negatively affect company culture. That, in turn, can hurt morale and productivity. We can’t speak for all HR companies but it’s possible that this could happen. When selecting an HR company, be sure to choose someone who will align with your strategy and the culture of your company.

Additionally, having someone on-site can also mean a higher impact on your bottom line. An on-site HR specialist will be spending much more time in the office and they will need to be paid accordingly.

On-Call HR

Pros: Cost Effectiveness and Ability to Focus on Key Issues

Depending on the size of your business, on-call HR can be a great resource for those who want someone to focus on key issues instead of all human resources functions. Because on-call HR is used as needed, it’s a cost-effective way to ensure legal compliance and to provide peace of mind for employees and employers alike.

Cons: Perception of Limited Business Knowledge

Since an on-call consultant won’t be on-site at all times, employers and employees may believe that the HR professional won’t possess the same level of knowledge about the personalities, leadership management styles, and overall cultural dynamic of the business that a full-time specialist may have. To ameliorate that perception, it’s important for management to ensure that on-call HR consultants have a full picture of how the business operates in order to provide timely and effective services.

HR Affiliates are experts in both types of consulting and can provide top-notch services in ways that can fit any budget — small, medium, or large. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, give us a call at 502-215-0561.

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