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4 Ways the HR Industry is Changing in 2022- HR Affiliates Blog

Change will be a key component in the upcoming year. 2021 has shown a shift in mindset towards working, as flexible work, new employment models, and wages have changed with the times. As this year is ending, you must look forward to the new year by looking at some predictions on how to continue creating a positive workplace for 2022.  

Hiring differently

In 2022, there could be close to 20 million jobs available in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean hiring new employees will be any easier. As hiring new employees for your business will be necessary, it will be just as necessary to change your recruiting efforts. You will need to focus on internal hiring, redeployments of existing employees, upskilling, and hiring people based on their skills rather than just their experiences. The labor pool will change, creating a more diverse range of candidates. Remember, training will also be important during this time. 

Paying Attention to Technology 

It feels like new technology is developed constantly, which it is. HR needs will be simplified by new Talent Intelligence systems that can help predict, match, and select people for many different roles. New technology comes with many new tools as well. Employee experience platforms and surveys can improve the workplace and employees’ wellbeing. Paying attention to technological advances can help implement new practices to create more functional environments.

Embracing Culture

In today’s forever-changing world, culture is playing an important role. Your current and future employees are looking for safety, security, and trust. They will want a workplace that cares about environmental issues, human rights, and their health as well. Allowing space for culture, trust, and employment brand to improve will set your business in the right direction in 2022. 

Evaluating HR

Two years of the pandemic have allowed the role of HR to elevate to a new level. Although employees have been working remotely, hybrid, then back to work, the operations and structure of HR have not changed fast enough. 2022 should be the time to evaluate the HR function, capabilities, and level of development to allow for more opportunities and growth within the HR organization.  

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Source: https://joshbersin.com/2021/12/predictions-for-2022-everything-is-about-to-change/


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