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Are Employees Leveraging Professional Development Over Higher Salary? – HR Affiliates Blog

You read right — job seekers are considering more than just salary, culture, and benefits. Training and development opportunities are opening new doors for companies. We’ve entered a new decade, meaning there’s an abundance of fresh potential and the most qualified candidates are eager to grow professionally and personally. As HR partners, we’re here to remind you how you can use this to your advantage and build a team that consistently outperforms other companies. The value of an employee who is willing to experiment with new methods is a lifelong asset. To remain relevant in the next decade, employers should have plans to invest in their employees’ professional development, ensuring opportunities to upgrade both their skills and knowledge. 

Supervisors, Ensure Success Among Your Staff

Encouraging employees to grow instills in them confidence, while fostering a sense of loyalty and establishing rapport, making them not only want to stay, but produce the highest quality of work. In a recent LinkedIn study, a reported 45% of employees who left companies cited concern over a lack of professional development. People want to invest in companies that are willing to invest in them — the world of business is give-and-take, and the most successful businesses stand because they engage new methods. With that, supervisors should prioritize employee development and see it as fundamental to their position. There are several ways to attract and retain top talent through training and development, so we’ve produced a list of tips to keep in mind.

  • Outline Employee Goals. Take into consideration both collective and individual goals. Evaluate the company’s plans, and make every employee’s career goals a priority.
  • Enhance Job Descriptions. Treat job postings as an opportunity to recruit new talent. Be transparent. It’s not all about requirements and experience. Inform your candidates about the opportunity for professional growth.
  • Take Advantage of In-person Interviews. Every candidate should walk out knowing your mission and expectations. Ask them about their eagerness to grow.
  • Implement Training Programs. This is a strong opportunity to introduce new members to your company culture, while offering them autonomy to define their purpose.
  • Ensure Qualified Company Leadership. Leaders, guide the team to a collective goal and check-in with their performance on an individual level.
  • Adopt and Adapt to the Future. A steady plan is key. Stay open to technology and the impact of technology on your team’s ability to further develop.

Before your mind gets consumed with doubt, know that HR Affiliates is here to build a plan so your business can reap the benefits of training and development opportunities. Our responsibility is to familiarize ourselves with your brand, so every decision yields positive growth for your team and company as a whole.

From Top Talent to Top Notch Performance

All the way to the top dollar. We acknowledge that as a business owner, your prime objective is to expand your profit. We don’t undermine the need for each step to be carried out effectively, that’s why we work one-on-one with our clients to ensure every member is meeting the requirements of their role. The new decade is about growth and collective prosperity — it’s time to make lucrative business moves and take control of your outcome.

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