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Employee handbooks are a key component of a business’s ability to function properly. Communication is key, and having an employee handbook highlights essential information — from policies and procedures to holiday schedules, to defining everyday team expectations. They establish your company culture. HR Affiliates believes your employee handbook should encapsulate your values and brand voice, so we’re here to assist you in making them compelling to your company. 

Cross These 4 Off Your HR To-Do List

Having an employee handbook prevents problems from arising. When we say this, we mean your business has a higher chance of staying in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. You don’t just want to stay in compliance, but you want to do it on time. Employee handbooks equate to structure and consistency, and every team member needs this in order to perform at their full potential. Here’s a closer look at four reasons your business should add employee handbooks to their to-do list:

  1. Keep up With Compliance. You’re able to stay in compliance with laws and regulations, as well as protect your business from employee lawsuits.
  2. Increase in Efficiency. Everything is outlined in your handbook — this encourages employees to seek answers and understanding through having one available to them at all times.
  3. Streamline the Hiring Process. With a handbook, your new employees are able to get acclimated faster to employee expectations. They’re also informed on employee leave, compensation, benefits, performance, and more.
  4. Understand Rights. Both employers and employees should understand their rights on reporting any concerns — from harassment to compliance complications, every member should know they have resources available.

By providing your team with clear-cut, accessible materials, you are playing your part as the employer. At HR Affiliates, we’ve seen the difference an employee handbook makes to an entire company. Team up with HR professionals who fulfill your business goals.

Partners Who Accentuate Your Company Culture

Your handbook shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter guide, and we’re here to help you make one that enhances your company values, and ensures both employers and employees understand their role in the company. In order for you to cover your grounds, you’ll need to introduce employee handbooks to your list of business essentials. Without one, you risk breaking compliance laws, strain opportunities of employee rapport, increase your chance of miscommunication, and overall miss out on the fundamental role of organization and communication. Do your business a favor in the long-run, reach out to an HR consultant today to discuss your company’s employee handbook.

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