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5 Reasons Your Team Should Recruit Temporary Employees – HR Affiliates Blog

Temporary or contract jobs account for 21.5% of all online job openings, up from 17% in January. As uncertainty about the economy continues to shake up the nation, companies are hiring temporary workers and contractors instead of bringing on full-time permanent employees. As temporary workers make their way into most businesses, and remote work becomes the new norm — it is essential that you recruit the right candidates to join your team. Your employees are the most profitable aspect of your business, and HR Affiliates is here to help you recruit qualified temporary staff members to help your business thrive.

Secure Your Bottom Line With Temporary Staffing

Temporary employees tend to be some of the first people to enter a business when the economy enters the stages of recovery. Hiring temporary employees allows your company to manage labor costs in the future, and HR Affiliates is here to assess your current recruiting strategy and take it to the next level. Companies already struggle with recruiting the right candidates to their team —  doing so during a pandemic presents new challenges that can be even more difficult to navigate. If your company is remotely working for the foreseeable future, it is essential that every new member of the team is fit for the position. Given that employers are still learning how to effectively manage and leverage employee productivity you might need an extra hand in adjusting to the new norm of remote work. If you’re hesitant to hire workers — whether they be temporary or permanent, but need positions filled, here is a list of the advantages of recruiting temporary employees:

  • Provides flexibility in an unstable economy
  • Tends to be more cost-effective to adopt hourly rates than salary
  • Grants a solution for sudden turnovers, long-term leaves, and bigger projects
  • Boosts morale and minimizes burnout
  • Leads to meaningful hires

HR Affiliates stands to assist you in recruiting temporary employees for all your needs. Whether you are introducing temporary work due to uncertainty with the economy or seeking extra talent for a project, we want to learn about your business needs — then fulfill them.

Allow HR to Enhance Your Recruiting Strategy

Your business needs a cost-effective outlet. As a business owner, your top priority should be your team. Without filling positions with the right people, your bottom line is at risk. If you’re in quest of temporary employment, allow us to simplify the recruiting process and make your team a winning one. The only thing worse than an unfilled position is filling that position with someone who isn’t leveraging your team. Reach out to HR Affiliates today to learn more about how to recruit top talent.

Hire Temporary Employees With Cost-Effectiveness in Mind.

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