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How Can My Business Effectively Adopt Remote Work in the New Decade? – HR Affiliates Blog

Remote work is a topic that has been debated heavily over the last decade or so. Some companies offer it, while many don’t. In the digital age, remote work is becoming more desirable. The most lucrative businesses acknowledge the importance of work-life balance — higher employee satisfaction drives greater employee performance. Let’s break down the debate and take a look at the pros and cons of having remote workers. With a team of qualified HR specialists on your side, we’re confident you can integrate remote work into your business — reaping the benefits of both in-house and remote employees.

Leverage the Pros and Mitigate the Cons with HR Affiliates

Working remotely isn’t always simple — a relaxed dress code, no commute, increased flexibility, and the use of technology doesn’t equate to successful execution of projects. The key to having remote workers is having a team of HR experts to ensure remote workers produce the same quality of work as in-house team members. A mid-2019 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics said some 36 million people, or 25%, of U.S. employees, work from home at least part of the time. Whether your company has adopted remote work or not, it’s expanding rapidly — to make your company an attractive one to top talent, you will likely have to get comfortable with the idea that employees don’t need to be physically present to meet your business needs. We know this topic arises mixed thoughts in business owners, so we’ve compiled two lists that highlight the major pros and cons of remote work.


  • Boosted Employee Productivity
  • Increased Talent Pooling
  • Stronger Employee Loyalty and Engagement
  • Reduction of Cost
  • Improved Work-Life Balance


  • Strained Communication
  • Lack of Discipline
  • Decreased Work-Life Balance
  • Dependence on Technology
  • Limited Opportunity to Advance

HR Affiliates is here to transform the negatives to opportunities for prosperity. The employee life cycle begins with recruitment, and we’re committed to adding leading talent to the appropriate positions within your company. We’re here to help modernize the employee experience by holding every team member accountable. Part of our onboarding process includes various levels of training to ensure everyone understands what is expected of them. When it comes to opportunities for advancement, we’re all for investing in your team — they should be broadening their knowledge of your industry, and exchanging resources among one another. The inevitability is that technology can be glitchy, but that doesn’t mean communication should be. There are other forms of communication, and we’re here to ensure your team is engaging with one another productively. The future is remote. Put your trust in HR partners who are three steps ahead, and always preparing for upcoming developments in the workforce. 

Modernize Your Business Optimally

Are you ready to take your business up a level? Perhaps your business is under-performing because you haven’t adopted a modern approach. Get ahead with the most qualified candidates by embracing where the workplace is headed in the new decade. HR Affiliates is here to cut your cost, minimize the hassle, amplify your bottom line, and allow you to focus on what you do best. Let’s look at remote work options, decide what fits your business structure, to put you in a position of expansion.

The Future is Here, and it’s Remote.

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