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Hosting a holiday party this year in your workplace? The season calls for friendship, group games, and probably too much dessert, but be mindful that the celebrations must be all-encompassing. Taking the festivities in a direction that’s non-secular can result in a lawsuit. Oftentimes, this is done without the intent to offend an employee, so make sure you cover your grounds by hiring an HR partner to avoid sacrificial litigation. Keep in mind that diversity should be celebrated during the holiday season, and part of that is making those who have different religious views feel included. Reaching a balance is tricky, but possible when you allow professionals to help you prepare.

Start With Inclusion

December is the time to be jolly, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone as many feel left out and unhappy. As an employer you should strive to make the partying not only inclusive, but a celebration that shows appreciation of your company’s hard work. Accepting the holiday season as a time to reflect on business accomplishments will boost employee engagement and satisfaction. We’ve seen how workplace boundaries get exchanged for celebrations during the holiday season, so we’ve come up with ideas that encourage your company to celebrate responsibly.

  • Office Decorations. Make them festive — snowflakes and streamers are fine. Avoid religious decor that could be perceived as offensive.
  • Party attendance. Showing up should be an option. However, no team member should feel unwelcome because of differing religious views.
  • Days Off. Companies offer time-off during Christmas and the New Year. Make sure to extend the offer for Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and other religious holidays. Refer to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964).
  • Merry Christmas. You can still wish your colleagues a Merry Christmas — there are Christians in the workforce, too. Just be mindful not everyone is.
  • Party Planners. Do you have a team of internal party planners? Add diversity to your committee of party-planners. They’ll offer a unique perspective to ensure the event is enjoyable for everyone.

HR Affiliates exists to protect your business every time. Holidays in the workplace can be filled with fun and games, but if the proper measures aren’t in place significant consequences can arise. Don’t let an innocent mistake diminish employee relations and your company culture that could cost your business the bottomline. 

Partners on the Nice List

We don’t just make it to the list, we make the list itself so your business can reap the benefits of inclusivity. We’re here to accentuate your fine qualities, and revamp every area that needs work. Long-lasting businesses maximize their profit annually by focusing on the minor details, too. Treat your business this year to the gift of HR values that go unmatched. 

‘Tis the Season to Build A Bright Future.

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