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Is the Future of Your Business at Risk Without Policies and Procedures in Place? – HR Affiliates Blog

Behind every prosperous business is an HR company that helps instill consistency, structure, and compliance. Without policies and procedures in place, your business growth may be hindered. To aid businesses in structuring specific policies and procedures for their employees, we work closely with our clients to develop guidelines that accompany their workplace policies to ensure your unique company culture doesn’t get lost. Not only can we assist in putting these documents together, but also ensuring that your leadership and staff are adhering to the said policies.

Structure and Compliance Exist Together

Wondering what determines how your organization operates on a day-to-day basis? HR policies and procedures make this possible through the use of formal statements of the rules which ensures every team member meets your business expectations. It’s important to call out that while policies and procedures work in conjunction with one another, their function differs. 

Policies identify your company rules, explain why they exist, indicate when the rule is applied, and outline the consequences of a broken policy. Procedures, on the other hand, explain when action should be taken and display how to complete forms. Now that we’ve laid out the key differences, let’s go over how the two work in unison to your company’s benefit. The right policies and procedures should: 

  • Establish and manage employee expectations
  • Effectively communicate company values and culture
  • Ensure all policies comply with legal requirements
  • Provide details on company growth
  • Highlight how to apply policies across all levels
  • Streamline employee onboarding

In order for businesses to function properly, training and procedures must be top-priority. Employees should work together peacefully — understanding what is acceptable and what isn’t is paramount to team productivity. Having clear-cut policies builds employee retention and exudes respect and discipline. HR Affiliates is here to help build policies and procedures that never take away from your company culture, and always add to it.

HR Partners There to Protect Your Business Every Time

With over 25 years of combined experience in the human resources world, we are consistently adapting our approach to ensure your business receives the highest quality of service. Workplaces are constantly evolving due to economic and legal shifts in society, and it’s important that your HR team is well-versed on these changes and how they affect your business. Build HR policies and procedures that both accentuate your company culture, and assure clarity, structure, and consistency, to every existing and future employee. Fill out the form below, and an HR consultant will get in contact with you.

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